I am Enough
You are too.
 I am on a journey to expand the role this core truth plays in my life.  It is an ever deepening and more powerful journey than I could ever have imagined.  I stopped dying my hair (it may not last but for now it feels sooo freeing; well maybe a little more white than I thought, lol, but freeing nonetheless).  I do more of what I love in a day.  I laugh with my kids more.  I mess up.  I say the “wrong” things. I cry.  I get angry. I experience fear.  Anchoring into this truth I recognize that all of life is reflecting the light that I already am and if I cannot see it in any moment, day or week I have the capacity to make choices to allow it to be revealed to me.   I want to invite all of you to join me in this journey. 
Let’s create a revolution of self love.
 Perhaps you have “stories” that you tell yourself that do not align with this truth. Stories that say you need to lose a few pounds, be a better parent, not yell so much, make more nutritious dinners, eat more healthy, exercise more, support your kid’s school more, be less sensitive, find a new job, help your children, help your parents, help your spouse, follow the guidelines an expert gave you to bring more joy into your life ….and then you will be closer to feeling enough.  By gathering with the united intention of releasing the power these stories have in our lives  we can sink into feeling complete right where we are, right here, right now.
Perfectly imperfect.
Real. Authentic. Unique. 
Abundant   .  
Say this to yourself right now; “I am enough”.  Say it again, but this time allow the vibration of each word to sink in deeply.  Perhaps you noticed a release of tension in your body and mind?  Perhaps you felt a hint of a smile emerging deep within your soul?

Join me to experience a cleanse of the mental, physical and emotional body to create a mental imprint in your amygdala and hippocampus of what feeling enough is like.  This imprint will be like a seed that will grow and grow to support you in accessing and sinking into the truth that you and only you have the unique gifts necessary to create the life that aligns with the deepest expression of your unique self.  Join me to expand the flow of this truth by releasing all that no longer serves you…and make room to fill your body and mind with that which aligns most deeply with what you desire to create in your life….the life that is deeply authentic, real and uniquely you.


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