Have you ever noticed that you are intuitively drawn to some flowers more than others? This natural attraction can provide powerful insight about your life and what you desire to transform & experience.

If this sounds strange consider how the most recent research has shown that bees are attracted to the energy in flowers, not their fragrance or color.  Flowers emit electrical impulses in the form of vibrations and the bees are able to detect these electrical fields.  Whoa!!!  Each flower actually radiates measurable energy in the form of impulses.  ( Flower Revolution, Katie Hess)

Humans have energy fields as well that have been well documented by the Heart Math Institute. Have you ever been to a party where you find yourself naturally attracted to some people, where others you prefer not to engage? We often associate a person’s outward appearance as the rationale for this, but most of us are aware of a non physical sense of resonance that goes beyond the external appearance.  One could also argue that a person’s outward appearance is really an expression of their vibrational field; i.e.) what you wear is often related to how you are feeling when you get dressed.

Flowers have been used for their healing benefit for thousands of years in a variety of cultures. What I particularly love about the Lotus Wei company is how their philosophical foundation is fully aligned with the principles upon which Limitless Living was created.


That is, people don’t need to be saved, but rather reminded of their own power and how to access it.  


Limitless Living’s core foundational principle is this:  You are complete.  You are whole.  Needing, wanting, desiring and/or focusing on anything from the external world to feel complete and whole is inherently taking away from the core essence of your truth.

This does not mean you need to go it alone, but rather engage your supports from the fabric of your own unique nature.  You power lies in honoring, growing and expanding your relationship with you and then marinating in the magic that unfolds.

So what does this have to do with flowers, you might ask??  Imagine how the flower that you are naturally drawn to is really emitting a frequency that aligns with your frequency and in that match you open to a deeper expression of what life has to offer you.


According to a study conducted at the University of Rochester, being exposed to flowers and nature inspires more compassion, generosity and sense of community..spending time around flowers and plants changed people’s attitudes, better connecting them with their authentic selves and with the world as a whole.” (an excerpt from Flower Evolution by Katie Hess)


Have you ever felt your shoulders relax when you looked at a flower you love?  Or maybe get a feeling similar to looking at a sunset?   Maybe you have felt an effortless sense of support within?  It is through such vibrational matches that we build the sense that we can do this thing called life in our own unique way. The deep awareness that however we are showing up ( angry, happy, sad, frustrated, enlightened, etc. ) is just an expression of our truth in that moment. It does not define us, because words are just too limited to do that. We remember that we are so much more than any word or label can capture. And in this remembering we feel less of a need to judge or harp on what we are, or are not.   We become easier on ourselves and in that place life takes on an ease and grace we had never thought possible.

I have found the Lotus Wei Flower essences to be a powerful tool to support myself and my clients to build a deep sense of all that we really are ….powerful and unique beyond what any words can capture .  The response each client emits after a spray of the flower essence that they feel naturally aligned to is magical and unique each time I am privileged to witness it.

I was introduced to Katie Hess and the power of flower essences at a Pink flower lounge event in the spring in NYC with my daughter. Talk about resonance.  I was deeply moved by her energy and the energy she brings forth in her work.  As my clients have said it is just unreal the energy that is palpable with each spray.  I first shared this magic at our Full Moon Full Bloom event in May and it was an unbelievably moving experience for all.  Next one will be on Sept 6th check it out HERE.   I am thrilled to invite each and every one of you that feel the resonance to open your heart and mind to this experience as well.

In love and light, Karen



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