What’s your “go to” tool when you are feeling stressed, agitated or “out of wack”?

I have found the power of flower essences by the company Lotus Wei to be an unbelievable shift maker in my day.  Never would I have believed this to be possible even 2 years ago.

However, studies have shown that being exposed to nature & flowers inspires compassion, generosity & a sense of community.   Have you ever noticed this in your own life?

I have always loved flowers, but since I started using flower essences regularly I find myself more easily making the timeto be outdoors in nature; smelling flowers, planting flowers, and 
generally enjoying how they can often transform my mood & my outlook.

Moreover,  an attraction to specific flowers is not  happenstance.  The unique characteristics & traits of the flowers we resonate with reflects the qualities we may unknowingly be seeking in our own lives.

A spray, dab or drop of a flower essence can magnify a different frequency in our make up just like a walk in nature.  For example,  I am currently using Fierce Compassion.  I read the bottle before I spray, dab or drop:  in this case it says: “wholehearted presence, fearless love, soft heart“.  I imagine emcompassing these traits into my being, then I spray, dab or take the drops and take it all in.  

It’s a game changer.  My clients are over the moon about their experiences with them too.  Reports of  feeling more connected, more accepting of however they are showing up in life, more creative, lighter, happier and generally more at ease are over flowing. 

It’s like bringing the power of nature to you anytime, anywhere.  We could all use a bit of that in our “go go go” modern world, no? 

If you would like to experience the power of flowers directly I will be at Voracious Reader, the most charming bookstore in Westchester,  on July 12th @ 7pm presenting a workshop called Blooming into Your Fullest Potential with Flower Essences; chocolate meditation, tension release, flower reading, group experience with flower essences, and more.  

If you are not in the area, you can schedule a Flower Alchemy session on the phone/Skype/Facetime to learn how Flower Alchemy can help you to transform your life.  

For those science nerds like me: there is real science behind why flower essences work. String theory tells us that at a very fundamental level everything consists of tiny vibrations; humans, flowers, animals, trees, rooms, etc.  

So connecting to the vibrational frequency of flowers through flower essences ( it’s really more than just the smell that is so amazing) we create a resonance with a different vibrational frequency which can be like changing the channel on the TV show of our lives. We then have different thoughts, ideas & outlooks.  Learn more about the power of flower alchemy HERE

Photo credit @ lotuswei.


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