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Judgement from others can be a tough pill to swallow.

We had a caller on the radio show that was looking for insight on how to be less reactive to this experience.

We can all relate, no?

The heart wants to move on but the mind and it’s conditioned reactionary patterns are all to engulfing.

My guest this month is the master of utilizing cutting edge science as a path for evolving the mind & heart, Dr Manjir Samanta Laughton.

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, is a GP Medical Doctor from the UK, author of Punk Science, The Genius Groove and The Magdalene Prophesies and famed speaker & filmmaker on the links between science & spirituality. She shares with us her incredible knowledge of academic and scientific data and principles ( including her own on black holes) that seamlessly legitimizes not just the power of the energetic & spiritual aspects of life, but it’s existence as a foundational basis to liberate your own emotions and move forward in life.

Dr. Manjir shares how her black hole principle can provide a foundational framework to explore such reactionary patterns to see what it is reflecting back to us. This gets us out of the victim “blame” consciousness and into our true nature as creative beings. Dr. Manjir shares her own personal story of turning a reaction to an outside judgment into self-reflective awareness. I think you will not only be moved by the story but find a resonance within your own life experience. She goes on to share how when she sat with the black hole principle she was able to reveal hidden beliefs about herself that were holding her back professionally.

Feedback on the show has been amazing as the listening community has expressed to me their resonance with such experiences in their own lives.

Dr. Manjir has offered anyone in our listening community 25% off until the end of February on her amazing course called Simply Divine, just enter code “LIMITLESS” at checkout. This powerful course will teach you more scientific principles, concepts and research via videos and exercises to liberate your emotions and move forward in life. Included in the course are monthly online meetings where you can ask any questions you might have and participate in active discussions about the course materials. I am currently taking this course and find it absolutely life-changing and so excited to share this savings with you.

This radio show includes real life examples of callers experiencing a whole new perspective (something we call a “shift”) of a challenging life situation by having their subconscious factors revealed. I applaud the courageous callers who were open to exploring their “secret gardens” for their own expansion as well as the expansion of all who listen. It is so powerful, yet fun at the same time. Listen in and leave comments below and let us know what you think!!

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