compassion: be kind to yourself

Tis the spring season and the gorgeous Rhododenrons are about to burst through.  Do you find yourself naturally attracted to this flower? 

Rhododendron activates compassion.  It magnifies motherly love, comfort, warmth and protection. Among the Zomi indigenous people, the word for the Rhododendron flower can be used in place of the word for “woman”.  (Katie Hess, Flower Evolution, 2016)

Our attraction to a particular flower isn’t arbitrary.  Flowers have identifiable vibrational frequencies and each flower’s frequency is unique. Science has shown that bees are attracted to the frequency of a flower, not its color or smell.  And though we may think it is the color or smell that draws us in to admire a flower, it is the vibrational frequency that initiates awareness and our attention.

If you are attracted to Pink Rhododendrons it may be time to practice compassion with yourself.  You may be feeling out of place, vulnerable or unprotected. Or you may be feeling lonely or having doubts about someone’s love for you. Or you may have had a misunderstanding in a relationship that has you feeling concern that your love is not reciprocated.

If you find yourself annoyed with others, finding fault with their mannerisms or judging them, it may be related to being too hard on yourself. Your capacity to care for others is related to your ability to care for yourself. Softening and taking a gentle approach with both yourself and others can melt glaciers and move mountains.

The essence (or frequency) of the Rhododendron flower is found in the Lotus Wei Flower Essence Fierce Compassion.   Flower essences are bio-energetic infusions of flowers that work with the body’s acupuncture meridian system to enhance specific qualities.

Each essence includes a flower’s frequency and its associated properties.  By taking the essence/vibrational frequency 5 times a day, you get the boost of the flower’s qualities.  This “wakes up” your own positive qualities so that you can feel them with more clarity.  With continued use these qualities then begin to emanate from you, just as each flower radiates its own unique quality.  In this way flower essences reconnect us to our own beautiful and unique essence as human beings.

Click HERE to learn more about flower essences.   The information in this blog was taken from the book titled Flower Evolution:  Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers by Katie Hess.  This book is for sale in our office. 

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Flowers have been used for their healing benefit for thousands of years in a variety of cultures from the Australian Aborigines to ancient Egyptians, to their current prescribed use by doctors in Europe.  They are available in almost every large pharmacy in Australia and are well known in Central and South America.  Largely undiscovered in the US, the Lotus Wei company is changing that.  Catalyzed by my own ongoing personal life changing experiences with the carefully crafted Lotus Wei Flower Essences, Limitless Living is proud to offer their full line of products available by appointment.


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