Flower Alchemy Session


Flower reading sessions are available in-person at Limitless Living’s office or via remote (Skype, Zoom, etc.)



Flower Alchemy Sessions include a one month supply of Flower Elixir carefully honed from the client consultation.

Why Flower Readings & Essences?

For many knowing what is “best for us” can get clouded & diluted in the information superhighway of modern daily life.  Taking daily flower essences can support us to manifest more of what we truly seek in the “go go go” distractions that are a regular part of modern daily life.  Many of my clientele are seeking to expand the use of intuition in their lives.  Exploring the power of flower essences is in my experience a potent tool to redirect the  “over thinking” aspect of the mind to it’s powerful but often under-utilized sensing and feeling capacity.

Flower reading sessions are available in-person at Limitless Living’s office or via remote (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

“Flower alchemy is based on the premise that your body operates like a finely-tuned instrument. Flower essences act as a natural tuning fork — bringing your body back in tune with a subtle electrical vibration.” — Katie Hess, Flower Evolution


What do Flower Elixirs help with?

Top 15 most Common Experiences reported by people using flower elixirs from the Flower Evolution book by Katie Hess

  • reawaken joy
  • help us sleep better
  • enhance confidence and magnetism
  • help us address our fears
  • help us be more present
  • magnify radiance and give us a joyful, luminous quality
  • accelerate personal growth and evolution
  • awaken insights
  • wake up our inner observer
  • help us feel more like “us”
  • help us identify and address family and cultural patterns
  • dissolve self-limiting beliefs
  • magnify our strengths and unveil hidden talents
  • affect the people around us
  • attract better people into our lives

“Flower remedies ease the heart, heal the body and awaken the mind.” — Katie Hess, Lotus Wei


Flower Reading Sessions Available by KarenBetten.com Based on Katie Hess of Lotus Wei


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