Liz’s gift as an educator is looking at each child as a profound gift.   She is committed to supporting and celebrating the ways that parents and teachers find heart, renewal and inspiration in the transformative endeavor of raising children.


  • How connection with your own deep values can nourish passion, compassion + joy
  • Liz credits collaboration as a key to her success in implementing new ideas in her school district
  • Teachers must be trusted to follow their own hearts to care for the inner lives of their students
  • When wrought with doubt or uncertainty, a pause can remedy the situation
  • A pause and a look into a child’s eye can create space for you both
  • The wisdom of a pause throughout the day when other practices/techniques may be unavailable
  • Heartfulness describes Liz’s expanded view of mindfulness
  • Self-care can have a ripple effect and is a gift for all of the people in our lives


Liz has worked in the fields of education and child development for over thirty years, with extensive experience in therapeutic early childhood education, special education and general education classroom teaching. Her degrees and certifications include a MS in Education from Bank Street, post-graduate work, early childhood therapeutic intervention training as well as a certification as a Mindful Schools Instructor and study with the Inner Resilience Program and the Mindful Education Institute.

Her clients have included private families as well as The Inner Resilience Program,  Little Flower Yoga,  Westchester Jewish Community Services, the Girl Scouts, the Jewish Education Project, the Mamaroneck School District and IBM Research. In teacher trainings she is committed to honoring the day to day wisdom and innovation of teachers who are able to teach from their own hearts and support the inner lives of their students.  She is passionate about exploring the ways that teachers and families bring this work to life in their own homes and classrooms.

Liz is also a fiddler and square dance caller, with a special interest in using traditional dance to foster community.


During the last 5 minutes of the show, Liz leads us in a meditation

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