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BodyTalk Sessions by Limitless Living are Life Changing and Deep

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 BodyTalk is a comprehensive, relatively simple, non invasive (no needles! 🙂 and safe energy medicine that helps the body rebalance it’s systems so they can operate as nature intended.

BodyTalk sessions facilitated by Karen Betten integrate the accumulation of her 24 years in the health & wellness field.  They are designed around the foundational understanding and belief that the body has an innate wisdom that is far more complex than the often singular “cause and effect” approach of the modern allopathic system.

What exactly is meant by the term innate wisdom? Innate wisdom, in it’s use here, refers to the in-born tendency for self-regulation and self-healing within the bodymind. This can be demonstrated in the simple experience of cutting ourselves.  The in-born wisdom or self-knowledge immediately initiates the cascade of events necessary to re approximate the separated skin and restore the damaged tissues.

Most of our lives, our body does a pretty good job of keeping us healthy and vibrant.   The question is: what is going on when it does not?  Many of us unknowingly wrestle with varying levels of  fear of “what’s wrong” when faced with health challenges.  This implicitly leads to searching for an external factor to “fix us”.  This response is further amplified by the modern day media fear mongering designed to sell various pharmacological products.  Reframing or even just bringing these fear laden underpinnings to light can have a dramatic impact on the health potential of the body mind.

Healing or changing without physical intervention ( i.e. surgery, pills, etc), struggle, suffering and/or logical understanding has become more and more relegated to the seemingly nebulous idea of a miracle and shrouded in the belief that it is a rare occurrence that is not to be relied upon, expected or even sought after. Here is where our modern approach might be unknowingly “turning the cheek” on the incredible masterpiece, design and potential of our bodymind.

There is so much about the body mind that is not understood by even the highest members of the medical and scientific establishment. For example, the magnetism between an egg & sperm that begins life. Or what directs those 2 cells to then replicate and differentiate into all the unique organs, endocrines and body parts of the human organism.  We know what happens in mitosis but we don’t know what initiates it or leads to the differentiation process. This is the essential meaning of innate wisdom.  The impetus that gives rise to the development, workings & healings of the body mind that is beyond our current logical understanding.

The concept that we are something solid and unchanging is no longer scientifically accurate.  Dr Manjir Samantha Laughton, Punk Science.

From a physical standpoint the human bodymind appears to have generally consistent and recognizable attributes ( eye, ears, nose, chest, lungs, heart etc).  These attributes are believed to be relatively fixed based on the Newtonian principles from the science of about 300 years ago.  So fixed in theory, that it was not that long ago the general medical & scientific community believed and extolled that we could not create any more neurons in the brain than what we were born with.   Pretty grim outlook for some  of us.  If my first SAT scores were my fixed and final future potential than I would certainly not be here doing this today:))

Many of us are old enough to remember the insidious belief that you either “had it or not”.  This is one of the many often unrecognized thought forms that has contributed to the “one size fits” all paradigm for medical care.  This approach has been widely successful for many, but not for all and for others not all the time. The exploding field of epigenetics has shown that less than 5% of all disease is related to the actual configuration of the gene itself and epigenetics or the environment that the gene exposed to accounts for the other 95%.   These environmental factors are not limited to just air pollution, pesticides, and toxins, but also include the traumas, traits, beliefs, projections, expectations, memories, and unprocessed emotional holdings of each individual as well as the family, community, culture and/or religious groups of  the individual.

Alas, we now know more and therefore can “do better”.   Scientific inquiry led quantum physicists to dive even deeper into these seemingly stable parts of the body to identify, label and understand the smallest particle.  They were absolutely amazed to find that there is nothing there.  Nothing,  just the invisible and  spooky thing known and labeled as energy.  Energy with possibilities and probabilities that are reliant upon the person that is viewing them. Whoa!!  What?  Yes, the person observing the object, and his or her beliefs, attitudes and expectations ( whether conscious or not) impacts what and how an object is expressed .**For more on this I encourage you check out Punk Science by the amazing Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton and/or check out her course called Simply Divine where she delves deeply into the scientific principles that support us all to expand our current understanding of our potential for healing, health and wellness.

Suffice to summarize and say…2 people with similar symptoms, let’s say a cold,  have a complex and unique to the individual set of factors that create the same cold experience.  And the individual observation of the cold experience by the person experiencing it influences how the cold develops which then influences the sensations and feelings that are associated with it.  Whoa !!  Interesting as most pediatricians will admit, the treatment offered a small child with say an ear infection has a lot to do with the level of concern the parent is displaying in the office.

It’s important to recognize that many ( if not most)  of our beliefs that influence how we observe something are below our awareness.  (for more on the influence of subconscious belief check out my BLOG).  For example, the unknowing distrust of the ability of the body to heal on it’s own, can impact a person’s need for a pill, or a shot, or a visit to a professional with a white coat to experience resolution of an illness.  The sight of a white coat can initiate an immunological response in the body.  Conversely an unknowing distrust of a professional in a white coat can influence a negative outcome or experience as well. ( Niemi, N.B, (2010) Cure In. Scientific America.20 (#1) 44)  We can draw a conclusion from this and recognize that we are the creators of our lives..the good, the bad, and the in between.

Furthermore our cells are constantly regenerating and renewing.  For example, you have an entirely new lining in your intestine every three days.  What, then, causes it to regenerative with the same sub optimal functioning?

This is not how most of us have been conditioned to approach health, wellness and other conflict resolution.  The modern approach for many has us unknowingly viewing it more as a “victim experience” and blaming the virus, the cold, the flu, the cancer or the “other person” for the conflict.  But if it was just the “virus’s fault” …why doesn’t everyone get sick in a classroom that has been exposed to a virus?

It is a bit like turning the tables of tradition upside down.   Rather than just looking at the so called perpetrator ( virus, cancer, etc) ….we look at the environment and the factors that made the environment conducive to the invasion.  However, in BodyTalk and Limitless Living sessions it is not just the physical environment that is investigated.  We explore the non physical aspects ( those meddlesome things that are below the one one thousandth of an inch in size) such as :  beliefs, perceptions, expectations, memories, past traumas, past illness, ancestral experiences, emotions and more.  Essentially nothing is off the table as a possible contributing factor to your current experience.

Want to change your life?  your state of dis-ease?  your career? your financial situation? your spiritual experiences? 

The most powerful way to do that in my experience is to explore the aspects of your humanity that is not physical.  Meaning when a physical experience arises like knee pain, an argument with your neighbor, etc… get curious as to the aspect of your unknown landscape that is creating the experience and boom you begin the soul filling journey of knowing yourself on an even deeper level and becoming the source of creative expression in your life.  These influences are often under the surface of our awareness and thus the session provides the “clearing of the cobwebs” of unprocessed emotions, experiences, patterns of seeing life, etc so that you can reignite your creative potential to step into your power and surrender to the magic of living the life that is uniquely aligned for you.

You begin to remember on a deep subtle level that you are THE most powerful source to navigate your life from.  From here disease, conflicts, and challenges becomes something to approach with excitement and curiosity.  

Change and resolution after a session can take varying amounts of time… individual and unique to each person as one’s finger prints.  I have seen frozen shoulders stuck for 25 years move out in 2 sessions.  I have seen complete paralysis of the left side of the face with a diagnosis of Bells Palsy in a pregnant woman move though in 2 weeks with only 2 sessions.  (of note the client refused any medications and was told the symptoms would likely last until she gave birth).  I have seen conflicts around a highly charged divorce in a highly agitated client move through in one session leading to an open and heart centered conversation the following day with the ex husband when they had not been able to speak for over a week without screaming at eachother.  I have seen the reversal of a Chrohns disease diagnosis.  I have seen IBS symptoms resolve completely.  I have also seen it take well over two years for a teenager’s period to return as she unraveled deep unconscious issues with the feminine and rejection of self.  The list goes on and on.  There is no typical response except the statement of “I feel so much lighter” after a session.

What does a Session look like?

After a brief interview and discussion about what inspired you to co-create a session, you will lie on a massage table and I will sit beside you.  A comfortable pillow will be placed under your neck and knees to support complete release of your back and spine. Using your arm to establish a neuromuscular bio feedback communication pattern similar to applied kinesiology the session will begin. At this point what comes up can be a wide range of possibilities from various training and experiential backgrounds. Dialogue will be utilized only when it is a priority.

Sessions last anywheBodyTalk Straight Upre from 45 to 60 minutes. First time sessions, however, can take as long as 90 minutes. After the session you will be given the priority timeframe for recommended follow up and a session enhancement sheet will be emailed to you to support you in your integration. The phone and/or Skype sessions follow the same format. Learn more about the power of fully remote sessions.

Three Sessions of BodyTalk Package

Must be used within 5 months

3 Sessions


In-Person office Sessions: $175 and include:

  • In person session ( usually between 45-75 minutes)
  •  2 email exchanges for support during the integration period for questions, intuitive guidance or clarification
  • option to tape the live session to keep and refer to the during integration period
  • Guidance for integration period and recommended follow up



Live Phone sessions: $175 and include 

  • Live phone/Skype/Facetime session ( usually between 45-75 minutes)
  •  2 email exchanges for support during the integration period for questions, intuitive guidance or clarification
  • option to tape the live session to keep and refer to the during integration period
  • Guidance for integration period and recommended follow up



Please note, payment for all live skype/phone sessions must be made in advance.

** All Sales are Final ** Review the Refund & Cancellation Policy

What My Clients Say…

Mary Olson-Menzel
“Working with Karen Betten is truly “out of this world”. Karen is the perfect mixture of raw real life and a bit of magic. She has a way of cutting through the noise and getting to the core of whatever might be happening in your life (or in past generations!). She never fails to move me to tears. When I leave our session, I feel lighter and clearer and ready to face whatever life brings my way.
Mary Olson-Menzel, Executive Coach and Recruiter, President, MVP , Executive Search and Development
“In some way I feel less responsible for other peoples’ happiness. Now I’m more interested in tending to my own garden.”
Karen McQuaid
“Thank you, Karen ‹ the pain in my back is gone! When massages were not doing the trick, I knew it was something deeper ‹ some kind of blockage. Coming to you regularly through the years has given me that kind of insight. Not only am I feeling better, but I have a greater understanding of my body complex and its natural ability to heal. I am happy that my children and I have made a commitment to seeing you periodically through the years as part of maintaining our general wellness – it has been incredibly beneficial to us all.”
Jill Sarkozi
“Working with Karen continues to be one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, effective (and often hilarious) experiences of my life. Her ability to access root causes for present day issues beats any kind of therapy I’ve ever had. Her mastery over the various modalities she utilizes is truly impressive and I trust her work completely.”
Anne Whittaker
“It has been a joy to witness Karen’s evolvement as a person and as a healing guide. I have a high regard for Karen and the work she so brilliantly blesses the world with. She is a sublime visionary in the healing arts field. I admire her ability to wisely combine science, art, masterful intuition, and humor to gain life-changing knowledge about oneself. She infuses her craft with elegance, laser-like diagnosis, and humility. I am amazed at the doors she continues to open for me after our sessions. Without a doubt, they propel me into being the very best version of myself.”
“You helped me with a session. Now when I came this week…all the things we talked about are better. Now I pay more attention in school and don’t call out in class. I feel calmer. Now I listen better. Everything that used to be “bad”, now it’s better.”
B.O., age 11
“I thank you immensely for all of the work and support you gave to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You held my hand at perhaps the very lowest point of my entire life…and you helped me scrape the kuk from the corners of my soul. Please know that I think the world of you and think of you often.”
Jennifer Malherbe
A 41 year-old with intense level 10 painful cramping in lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and extreme fatigue requiring her to not leave the house for the first 3 days of her period since the onset of her menstrual cycle at age 13.  After 2 sessions with Karen writes:  “I cannot believe it, but all my symptoms are gone. I was able to function normal through my entire period this month. No cramping. NO nausea. No vomiting. Minimal fatigue. This is unbelievable.”
Anonymous, age 41
“After working for 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis…After searching through various medical options, I decided to take a decided alternative approach to treating my RA….changes in diet, exercise, supplements of vitamins….and then looking inward…My experience with Karen was profound and moving….She uncovered a trauma in my childhood after her assessment…and where she felt that energy was in my left hip….where my primary pain was situated, though she didn’t know it at the time.
Uncovering this long tucked away trauma and moving the energy around ultimately opened other doors to more inward journeys, which have helped me tremendously in my healing journey. Though my RA will never go away, I have found new ways to work WITH it rather than against it and I credit Karen for helping me in that journey.”
Susan Orand, Mamaroneck
“Around the age of six months, all three of my children (now ages 15, 12, and 10) were diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
Their symptoms and illnesses often varied in severity; ranging from a cough that required the use of the nebulizer, to periodic hospitalizations. My youngest son however, seemed to experience asthma related illnesses on a much more regular basis and with more severe symptoms than his older brother and sister. We regularly saw the pediatrician, allergist and pulmonologist to address his asthma. He was on a daily regiment of two different medications delivered by an inhaler in the highest dosage available. Even with daily prophylactic or “preventative” measures in place, he frequently required high doses of oral steroids as well as using the nebulizer. During one of his more serious flare ups, he was admitted to the ICU. I had started going for BodyTalk sessions with Karen for myself, after a nagging sprained ankle wouldn’t heal. After a couple of sessions with Karen I felt a difference physically as the pain and discomfort from the injury disappeared. Having experienced the benefits of BodyTalk sessions firsthand, I decided to bring James for sessions with Karen for his asthma and wheezing. Soon after his first session I noticed a difference in James’ health. The intervals of time between his illnesses started to lengthen and he was enjoying feeling healthy on a regular basis. There were times when I couldn’t physically bring James to Karen and I would ask her to do a “distant” or remote session. I had thought in the past that a session had to be given with the person present. However, whenever I would ask Karen for a session for James when he was sick, whether he was there with her physically or not, he would start to feel better soon after the remote or distant BodyTalk session was done. James no longer uses the nebulizer, two daily inhalers or oral steroids. The change in his health and overall well-being is astounding. While I don’t understand exactly how the BodyTalk system works (although I hope to learn), I know that James’ significant health improvement is a direct result of his BodyTalk sessions with Karen. I am beyond grateful.”




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