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BodyTalk Sessions by Limitless Living are Life Changing and Deep

Limitless Living's Session Space BodyTalk sessions integrate the accumulation of my 24 years in the health and wellness field to support the innate wisdom of your body to sink into it’s most authentic and naturally aligned state.

 BodyTalk is a powerful system designed to resynchronize the body’s energy systems so they can operate as nature intended.  Body talk gets to the “root cause” of a client’s issues.  It is based on the philosophy that all dis-ease is a result of distortions in the communication patterns of the body/mind.  It is a consciousness based approach and works as a powerful enrichment to any treatment or a stand alone therapy.

BodyTalk looks at all possible factors that influence health and wellness.  For example issues with the knee are often related to the emotion of fear. This fear can be about anything and is not always a conscious experience. Sometimes fear is so much to process that rather than expressing it in a release such as tears, we unconsciously push it into the body until we have a better capacity to process it at a later date.  From Chinese medicine theory the knees are often the place the energy of fear is held.  This causes a disturbance in the flow of chi (energy) in this region and compromises the functioning. The saying,  “I was so scared I went weak in the knees” is a reflection of this holding pattern.  BodyTalk has protocols to help release emotions that are held in the body.

BodyTalk foundational principle is that there is an innate intelligence in the body/mind.  Any breakdown in the functioning of  this intelligence is a result of the individual’s unique processing and interpretation of  the experiences of life.  Built into the structure of a BodyTalk session is access to any other modality or system that is a priority for the optimization of this intelligence.  This system provides an easy platform to navigate the rich and colorful experiences acquired in my years in the field of human potential.

Notice in this description there is no use of terms like “healing”, diagnosis or cure.   Although I have a background that utilized this approach to illness I no longer approach a client from this paradigm.  Perhaps you have noticed that these words can evoke an energy and vibration associated with struggle and time.  Even if this is not a belief you currently are aware of, it can be running unbeknownst to you ( i.e. subconscious) in the background of your operating system creating an unintended slowing of your innate intelligence.  (For more on the influence of subconscious belief check out my BLOG titled You Are Enough Part II).

The limitations a belief, whether conscious or subconscious, can create are insidious.   Beliefs both conscious and subconscious are the fuel that run our operating systems and one of the many factors and influences that can impact our ability to experience the health and wellness we desire.  It is simply amazing the capacity we have to discover and create our lives when we open our hearts and minds to both the physical and non physical (emotions, concepts, ideas,  energies, beliefs, expectations and projections) influences and factors impacting our situations.

Our core essence is to CREATE. And the expression of this creative potential will be unique to each of us. Limitless living will support you to align with your most authentic expression of you. In this space our so called “challenges and conflicts” are viewed with a new lens and we re-align with the capacity we each have to create the life we have been waiting to live.

I often get asked: Will this help_______? ( insert every known illness, symptom, diagnosis, relationship, career, purpose, financial, spiritual , health, and aging issue/situation). The answer is a resounding YES!! Each person will express their life experiences and challenges in different realms. Limitless living sessions apply to every single realm of our lives. Every aspect of our life is interrelated and it serves no purpose to divide them as is commonly done in modern medicine.

After a brief interview and discussion about what inspired you to co-create a session, you will lie on a massage table and I will sit beside you.  A comfortable pillow will be placed under your neck and knees to support complete release of your back and spine. Using your arm to establish a neuromuscular bio feedback communication pattern similar to applied kinesiology the session will begin. At this point what comes up can be a wide range of possibilities from various training and experiential backgrounds. Dialogue will be utilized only when it is a priority.

Clients most often report feeling a deep sense of relaxation and release; like “a weight has been lifted” during the session. Some experience a powerful emotional releases. Some report feeling energized. Some report feeling tired or drawn to nap after the session and/or for even a few days after. This is normal a response to the unique priorities of the client. The session re-establishes the communication breakdown patterns in the body, reducing the sympathetic nervous system “flight or flight” response we often live in day to day. In this state of balance one becomes more acutely aware of the unique needs of the body often suppressed by the engagement in the day to day tasks of life.

Sessions last anywheBodyTalk Straight Upre from 45 to 60 minutes. First time sessions, however, can take as long as 90 minutes. After the session you will be given the priority timeframe for recommended follow up and a session enhancement sheet will be emailed to you to support you in your integration. The phone and/or Skype sessions follow the same format. Learn more about the power of fully remote sessions.

Three Sessions of BodyTalk Package

Must be used within 5 months

3 Sessions


In-Person office Sessions: $175 and include:

  • In person session ( usually between 45-75 minutes)
  •  2 email exchanges for support during the integration period for questions, intuitive guidance or clarification
  • option to tape the live session to keep and refer to the during integration period
  • Guidance for integration period and recommended follow up



Live Phone sessions: $175 and include 

  • Live phone/Skype/Facetime session ( usually between 45-75 minutes)
  •  2 email exchanges for support during the integration period for questions, intuitive guidance or clarification
  • option to tape the live session to keep and refer to the during integration period
  • Guidance for integration period and recommended follow up



Distant / Fully Remote Sessions Include:

  • fully remote session that occur when highlighted as a priority ( no specific date, will be done when the body/mind deems it of the highest priority)
  • 1 email exchange during integration period
  • you will receive the session in your inbox with any tapping priorities and recommended date of next session

    Fully Remote: 1 Session 

    Fully Remote Package: 3 Sessions


Please note, payment for all live skype/phone sessions and remote sessions must be made in advance.

** All Sales are Final ** Review the Refund & Cancellation Policy

What My Clients Say…

“Working with Karen Betten is truly “out of this world”. Karen is the perfect mixture of raw real life and a bit of magic. She has a way of cutting through the noise and getting to the core of whatever might be happening in your life (or in past generations!). She never fails to move me to tears. When I leave our session, I feel lighter and clearer and ready to face whatever life brings my way.
Mary Olson-Menzel, Executive Coach and Recruiter, President, MVP , Executive Search and Development
“In some way I feel less responsible for other peoples’ happiness. Now I’m more interested in tending to my own garden.”
Karen McQuaid
“Thank you, Karen ‹ the pain in my back is gone! When massages were not doing the trick, I knew it was something deeper ‹ some kind of blockage. Coming to you regularly through the years has given me that kind of insight. Not only am I feeling better, but I have a greater understanding of my body complex and its natural ability to heal. I am happy that my children and I have made a commitment to seeing you periodically through the years as part of maintaining our general wellness – it has been incredibly beneficial to us all.”
Jill Sarkozi
“Working with Karen continues to be one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, effective (and often hilarious) experiences of my life. Her ability to access root causes for present day issues beats any kind of therapy I’ve ever had. Her mastery over the various modalities she utilizes is truly impressive and I trust her work completely.”
Anne Whittaker
“It has been a joy to witness Karen’s evolvement as a person and as a healing guide. I have a high regard for Karen and the work she so brilliantly blesses the world with. She is a sublime visionary in the healing arts field. I admire her ability to wisely combine science, art, masterful intuition, and humor to gain life-changing knowledge about oneself. She infuses her craft with elegance, laser-like diagnosis, and humility. I am amazed at the doors she continues to open for me after our sessions. Without a doubt, they propel me into being the very best version of myself.”
“You helped me with a session. Now when I came this week…all the things we talked about are better. Now I pay more attention in school and don’t call out in class. I feel calmer. Now I listen better. Everything that used to be “bad”, now it’s better.”
B.O., age 11
“I thank you immensely for all of the work and support you gave to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You held my hand at perhaps the very lowest point of my entire life…and you helped me scrape the kuk from the corners of my soul. Please know that I think the world of you and think of you often.”
Jennifer Malherbe
A 41 year-old with intense level 10 painful cramping in lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and extreme fatigue requiring her to not leave the house for the first 3 days of her period since the onset of her menstrual cycle at age 13.  After 2 sessions with Karen writes:  “I cannot believe it, but all my symptoms are gone. I was able to function normal through my entire period this month. No cramping. NO nausea. No vomiting. Minimal fatigue. This is unbelievable.”
Anonymous, age 41
“After working for 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis…After searching through various medical options, I decided to take a decided alternative approach to treating my RA….changes in diet, exercise, supplements of vitamins….and then looking inward…My experience with Karen was profound and moving….She uncovered a trauma in my childhood after her assessment…and where she felt that energy was in my left hip….where my primary pain was situated, though she didn’t know it at the time.
Uncovering this long tucked away trauma and moving the energy around ultimately opened other doors to more inward journeys, which have helped me tremendously in my healing journey. Though my RA will never go away, I have found new ways to work WITH it rather than against it and I credit Karen for helping me in that journey.”
Susan Orand, Mamaroneck
“Around the age of six months, all three of my children (now ages 15, 12, and 10) were diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
Their symptoms and illnesses often varied in severity; ranging from a cough that required the use of the nebulizer, to periodic hospitalizations. My youngest son however, seemed to experience asthma related illnesses on a much more regular basis and with more severe symptoms than his older brother and sister. We regularly saw the pediatrician, allergist and pulmonologist to address his asthma. He was on a daily regiment of two different medications delivered by an inhaler in the highest dosage available. Even with daily prophylactic or “preventative” measures in place, he frequently required high doses of oral steroids as well as using the nebulizer. During one of his more serious flare ups, he was admitted to the ICU. I had started going for BodyTalk sessions with Karen for myself, after a nagging sprained ankle wouldn’t heal. After a couple of sessions with Karen I felt a difference physically as the pain and discomfort from the injury disappeared. Having experienced the benefits of BodyTalk sessions firsthand, I decided to bring James for sessions with Karen for his asthma and wheezing. Soon after his first session I noticed a difference in James’ health. The intervals of time between his illnesses started to lengthen and he was enjoying feeling healthy on a regular basis. There were times when I couldn’t physically bring James to Karen and I would ask her to do a “distant” or remote session. I had thought in the past that a session had to be given with the person present. However, whenever I would ask Karen for a session for James when he was sick, whether he was there with her physically or not, he would start to feel better soon after the remote or distant BodyTalk session was done. James no longer uses the nebulizer, two daily inhalers or oral steroids. The change in his health and overall well-being is astounding. While I don’t understand exactly how the BodyTalk system works (although I hope to learn), I know that James’ significant health improvement is a direct result of his BodyTalk sessions with Karen. I am beyond grateful.”




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