Do you ever find yourself thinking “Life is Hard”?

Do you ever find yourself thinking:  “This Spiritual Path, Career Path, Illness (or insert any experience that you struggle with) is Hard”?

Do you ever find yourself thinking “Life is Beautiful”?

Beliefs can unknowingly drive some of the deepest imbalances in the body and mind.   For example, if you have an unpleasant experience in life, perhaps get laid off from a job you absolutely love or your partner abruptly ends a long standing relationship , it is likely you will be guarded when engaging in future jobs or relationships.  Being guarded is not harmful in itself.  However, if your “bad” experience with your last job/relationship causes you to form a rigid belief that all jobs/relationships are untrustworthy and dishonest your experience with new job opportunities and relationships is likely to be overly guarded and limited. In fact, depending on the charge of emotion around the loss, you may find it very difficult to experience joy in future jobs/relationships.   Furthermore, the stress of navigating a new job or relationship with this charge running in the background may be expressed in the body with such issues as chronic neck pain, back pain, headaches or a variety of other physical and/or mental manifestations.   Veltheim (2013) The BodyTalk System: Principles of Consciousness, pp 6.

You may have witnessed how a rigid belief has limited a friend or family’s life.  For example in this case example a friend or family  member might think: “ I don’t understand why she/he is so afraid to look for a new job or relationship.”  The question that arises is:  how aware are you of the rigid beliefs running in the background and filtering your potential to fully express your dreams and desires in life?

Take the classic metaphor of the iceberg image attached.  What we are aware of in life is represented by that portion of the iceberg we can see.  The unconscious beliefs and expectations that influence our lives are represented by the underlying mass.

Let’s take the belief that “life is hard”.  Many of us have accumulated a lifetime of experiences that can attest to this belief.  And, if anyone were to try to contradict this, we can promptly pull from our personal bank of experiences to defend it.  And, heaven knows, if our personal stories don’t have enough charge, we can certainly pull from the litany of family, community, social media and/or mythological stories to prove the validity of this belief.

How much do the layers of beliefs and the level of charge we give them, impact what we create and experience in our lives?  Let’s pause for a moment and experience right now what our body feels like when we think about “life being hard”.  Take a moment here.  Take a couple breathes in and out.  Relax your body.  Now think,  “life it hard”.  Pause.  Say it again in your head.  Pause.  Now notice your muscles tension, posture, and general feeling in the body. Perhaps you noticed that the thought  “life is hard” feels defensive, stressful, tight in your muscles and/or like you are getting ready to fight for your life.  Now take a deep breathe, let go and think about life being beautiful.  What do you feel in your body/mind?   Perhaps you noticed a difference, softer, less tension, more free, more open and relaxed.

It is well accepted in current science that “stress” stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to engage the “fight or flight” response, which in turn limits the circulation of nutrients and detoxifying capacity of the organs, endocrines and body parts not involved in “running for your life”.   So if the belief that “life is hard” is operating in the background at varying levels of the day (under our awareness), our life may be experienced as stressful regardless of how much effort we put into reducing the stress in our lives.   For example, the practice of  “thinking positively”  with a mantra such as “Life is Beautiful” may provide temporary relief.  However, if we have an unconscious belief running in the background that is in conflict with our mantra, we may experience limited success in changing our situation with this technique alone.  Furthermore, exercising, dieting and meditating with an active unconscious belief that “life is hard” may also provide a more limited result.

Beliefs, particularly rigid beliefs, are stored in our subconscious and serve as our personal approach for navigating a successful life.  They are accumulated from our families, communities, cultures, religions and life experiences at varying times in our lives to support us to cope with life’s challenges, feel safe and navigate life.   They are an important and integral part of the fabric of human existence.

However, at certain points in our lives we are ready to bring the ones that no longer serve us to our awareness and shave the capacity to which they limit the expression of our unique individual spirit.   For example, believing your Daddy keeps you safe serves you very well at the age of 3.  However if this were still a rigid belief at the age of 30 running in your unconscious you might find your life to be very limited in what you can create.

It is an incredibly expansive experience particularly when the beliefs are revealed and released by a practitioner that is skilled in accessing the priority factors and beliefs influencing one’s issues/conflicts/dis-ease.  We all have a load of problems and beliefs impacting our lives.  However, experiencing the release of a belief that is a priority for your body/mind complex with techniques such as those that are utilized by a certified BodyTalk practitioner can be a life altering experience deeply impacting one’s health, finance, career, purpose, spirituality and/or relationships.  Furthermore, this experience can profoundly enhance and expand the results you experience from other modalities you are currently using.


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