I thought at 42 I was done with my 2 year career in tennis.  I was experiencing pain and weakness in the knees. I was afraid of making quick turns particularly with my left leg as I would sometimes get a shooting pain in the knee.  These fears were making the game lose it’s fun and lightness.  I am alternative medicine practitioner as my passion.  I also have a background in medicine (nurse practitioner).  I knew all to well the perils of knee issues from many angles.  Both of my brothers and my father had had several knee surgeries.  Knee issues ran in my family and I just assumed my time had come to face my genetic short coming.   My friend and energy medicine colleague was badgering me to try out the Franklin Method.  At this point I had stopped playing tennis and was looking for help. He promised it was the missing piece and it would change my life.  And it did.

I could not believe how “at ease” I felt after my first class.  Funny as I had found myself a bit annoyed during the class as students are active participants.  I was tired that night and really just wanted to be a student and receive the experience.  You know, passively allow the class to make me feel better.

By the end of the class I started to understand that I could actually make a change in the way I was moving my body by using my mind.  It became clear I could move my body with more ease, efficiency and strength simply by visualizing how my body was designed to move.  But, I had to participate with my focus and energy.  I couldn’t just go through the moves while my mind wandered about aimlessly.   The ball rolling and work with the thera-bands felt simply amazing in my body and my mind.  I was hooked.

Many of us are familiar with imagery being used by elite athletes to enhance performance. Olympians speak of it as a regular part of training.  The science backs up how powerful imagery is to change function, skill and habits without the wear and tear on the physical body.  Pain and injury are very much influenced by our thinking, feeling. moving and holding patterns and habits.  The Franklin experience supports you to become your own change agent by noticing these habits and patterns and then learning tools to change those experiences. Imagine participating in a workshop that gives you the tools to get better at whatever you do…walk, run, sit, dance, sing, bike, yoga, etc.

I enrolled to become a Franklin Method instructor.  This was a 9 month commitment of studying and learning with four sets of 5-6 full day modules. No small feat.   However, toward the end of the 9 months I was ready to try tennis again.  And low and behold one year later I have continued to “up” the tennis in my life.  I am playing on a higher level and more frequently than ever before as well as playing on the dreaded “hard on the body” hard courts.  I visualize, I release tension, I move while  imaging how the body is designed to move with ease and longevity and now I help other people expand what they think is possible in their lives.

A side effect I had not expected was a noticeable enhancement of my clarity, focus and retention.  Practicing imagery is powerful to strengthen and expand the functioning of your brain….its better than a daily NY Times crossword puzzl!!  It has allowed me to pursue my studying with more ease for my practice as a Bodytalk Practitioner.  I used to have to re read pages of work repeatedly to support retention.  I now find this experience to be greatly enhanced and so much more enjoyable.

Don’ t just take my word for it check out what some of my students have to say….

“I feel like I’m melted…so much lighter and more open in my shoulders”. 

“I feel like I just removed ten pounds of baggage I had been carrying around for the last ten years in my shoulders and neck!  It is unbelievable” CM

“Since taking your last 2 workshops I find that even going up stairs is so much easier and enjoyable because I am thinking differently.”  JO

“Normally when I need to elevate my knee up higher than my hip several times in a row, it is not long before I am feeling pain in the groin and tightness and am very uncomfortable.  After your discussion of the anatomy and proper function of the hip joint, when I focused on that image while raising my knee, I no longer felt any discomfort whatsoever in my hip and could have repeated the exercise for a long time.  It was amazing how just shifting my focus to the joint and not mindlessly lifting my leg straining my muscle made such a difference.  I know that I will use this in the future when exercising and will certainly get more out of whatever I am doing”.  VM

“I’ve been to 3 Franklin Method classes taught by Karen. Each time, I walk away with a more intuitive knowledge of my own body. Knee and hip pain have disappeared through visualization techniques. I also have learned to embrace small, everyday movements like simply raising my shoulders. I’ll attend more of her classes in the future, strengthening my mind/body connection, and creating a healthier/happier me.” – RFM

I absolutely loved the class again this past Friday.  It’s amazing how fast the two hours went.  I could have stayed there with you all day.  BH

“My knee pain which has become a way of life particularly when I stand, is so much less after the hour and a half Franklin class. Considering the standing position that is done throughout the practice, it is incredible to me at the end of the class that my knees feel almost pain free.”  DM

“I am performing on a much higher level (and even my teacher noticed) in my regular dance class on the weeks I take your classes. I also cannot believe how the bands improve my flexibility so quickly.” SB


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