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Franklin Method Class

Becoming more efficient makes movement easier, more comfortable, more fun and it increases our body’s longevity.
– Erik Franklin

“Posture is a balancing act, not a position.”
“The closer your body image relates to your actual design the better your function.”
“Don’t just solve problems, experience solutions.”
“Attention is the beginning of change.”
“Thoughts are generators of being.”
“You take about 8,000 steps a day, each one an opportunity for improving function.”
“We already have the ability to change our experience using our minds.”
“The image is not the goal, the change is the goal. The image that produces the change is the right image at that moment for that person.”

Explore the mind-body connection to feel energized and healthy…

You have the power to resolve injuries, to slow down the effects of aging on the body and to become better at any physical or mental activity. Whether you are an athlete, a yogi, or trapped in an office all day… through the Franklin Method you will learn to transform any activity (yoga, pilates, dance, running, swimming, walking, sitting, standing) into a way that feels better in your body.

Experience what many of us associate with the benefits of meditation & mindfulness ……..while you move,   Franklin Method classes improve clarity & focus  (better than a New York Times crossword puzzle and you are moving & exercising!! ), melt tension in the body & mind, improve strength, co ordination, flexibility, balance, alignment & stability, and teach how the body is designed to move.  Each class focuses on a different part of the body:  hips & pelvis, spine & back, neck & shoulders, knees, etc.  Learn mind/body techniques that utilize the power of imagery.  Explore detailed anatomy of the body made simple with props like bone models to build a clear vision and image of how the body is designed to function.  Then apply the information to daily life through movement utilizing thera bands and balls when applicable.

Franklin Method transforms the science behind the latest understanding of neuroplasticity into practical tools.  What is neuroplasticity you ask?  It is the fundamental built in capacity of your brain and nervous system to learn and change.  At one time science thought we were stuck with the gene pool we were born with..its your lot in life..sigh.  Science now recognizes this to be outdated and false.  Genes can be altered though our perception of our life or environment..and thus change our response to it.  We put this information to work in these classes.

This work is the difference between knowing your body can change and actually changing it!!  Join us and create an upward spiral for your health & movement. 

Typical results from working with the Franklin Method:

  • You feel agile and flexible
  • Habitual tension disappears, and you know how to deal with it when it creeps up again
  • You experience a feeling of effortlessness
  • Your movement becomes more efficient, saving you energy
  • You discover that, in fact, your body can feel REALLY GOOD
  • Your coordination improves
  • Posture changes so that it feels more comfortable to have ‘good’posture (healthy, dynamic alignment) than to slouch
  • You breathe deeply and with less effort
  • You develop a deep respect for the way your body works
  • Body and joint pain improves and with time and practice disappears all together
  • Improved outlook and general feeling of well being that can be applied to everyday life outside of class ( i.e. no mat needed!)

Open to everyone – all ages, sizes and fitness levels!

1 Hour Conditioning with Balls and Bands:  This class focuses on whole body movement with bands and balls to improve strength, flexibility and coordination.  Focus can be tailored to be restorative to a solid full body workout for conditioning.  Students leave feeling energized yet relaxed having experienced the body’s ability to move with effortless ease…enhancing longevity and health in the body and mind.   

1 Hour Franklin Method Basics:  This is a weekly class that introduces a variety of Franklin concepts to the student.  Tailored to the requests and desires of the student body we address various parts of the body including but not limited to  knees, pelvis, neck, shoulders, spine, breathing, posture, alignment, efficiency, etc.  Students develop an understanding of the body that arises from personal experience involving the senses, mental imagery and changes felt in posture, movement and presence of being.

I love to travel: If you are interested in hosting this class or any of the other Franklin classes at your studio or workplace, please contact me for more information.


What My Clients Say…

“My knee pain which has become a way of life particularly when I stand, is so much less after the hour and a half Franklin class. Considering the standing position that is done throughout the practice, it is incredible to me at the end of the class that my knees feel almost pain free.”
“My body feels so relaxed after these classes.”
“My knee pain was gone when I did the exercises using the imagery techniques you explained.”
“I am performing on a much higher level (and even my teacher noticed) in my regular dance class on the weeks I take your classes. I also cannot believe how the bands improve my flexibility so quickly.”
“I took your class for two weeks in a row and each week the day after I had the easiest day where I just enjoyed my life and my job immensely, things just flowed.”
“I can’t wait to bring my husband next time, this is great!”




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