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Meet my guest Ben Manalo, an active contributing member of the International BodyTalk Association and BodyTalk trainer.

Join Ben and I as we explore BodyTalk as a Spiritual Pathway. 

“Who am I?” is a question at the heart of all spiritual inquiry. And it touches on one of the deepest most core existential stressors in a person’s life. The BodyTalk System is a consciousness-based health care system which offers a simple pathway for deconstructing the socio-cultural programming which leads people to fall out of touch with what comes naturally & keeps them from simply being and knowing themselves.

Ben Manalo has been practicing The BodyTalk System since 2001 and training BodyTalk practitioners across the U.S. and internationally since 2005. He is an active contributing member of the International BodyTalk Association and feels fortunate to have received all his initial basic and advanced BodyTalk training from BodyTalk’s developer, Dr. John Veltheim. In addition to his BodyTalk training, Ben has also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Teaching English from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, taught English as a Second Language in Kenya as a volunteer in the United States Peace Corps and was a Massage Therapy Instructor at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy for several years. As a result, he brings more than 25 years of classroom experience to his BodyTalk courses.


I am a GUEST HOST every third Wednesday of the month on the Truth is Funny Radio Show on Transformational Talk Radio with Colette Stefan. Listen in live via the link HERE. We love audience participation and invite you to call in at 1.800. 930.2819 with questions or shares anytime during the hour of the live show.

To participate in the RADIO SHOW and get the most out of it:

  • Before you begin listening, take notice what you are feeling in your mind and body .
  • Take a breathe in and let begin to let it go, extending your exhale as long as you can with ease and comfort in the body.
  • Scan your body & mind.  Tune into any sensations, tension, and/or noticings that arise.  Refrain from analyzing, critiquing or postulating about why.  Practice the powerful art of noticing without needing/trying to change.
  • If you are about to listen in live go ahead and begin listening once you have “taken stock” of where you are at.  If you are listening to a recording, set the intention that the show most aligned with your current situation will be clear to you.   See which show are you drawn to listen to.   It may not be the one you first thought, but follow the choice that arises after the breathe and the noticings.
  • Sit back, relax and take in the vibration of the words.  Take easeful cleansing breathes when you are called.  If there is something that you do not understand…practice letting the need to logically understand it go and just allow the experience to unfold.
  • After you are done listening take a moment to notice again how you are feeling in your body and mind.  Notice if anything you were experiencing shifted or expanded.  Feel free to write in the comments below what you noticed!

Please note these radio shows were created with the intention to shift not just the caller on the phone but the entire community of listeners at the time of the call and anyone listening to a recording in the future.  The shows were also created to attract the callers that would benefit the listening community in the deepest capacity.  So it is of no coincidence if you feel deeply connected to the issues presented or the feedback given to the callers on the line. Thank you for opening your mind and heart to power you have to create change in your life with ease and grace.  Many blessings to you 🙂


Listen to Past Shows


Listen to a recording of past shows to expand your view of your current situation and get back into the flow of your life.  We call this shifting. A shift is when you expand a stagnant energy or perspective around a challenge, conflict or situation.  The expanded state gets you back into your creative energy flow where you are able to access free choice and perspective that is more deeply aligned with your true nature.