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Black Holes, Climate Change & Diamonds in Space

GUEST: Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

In 2003, Dr Manjir published a ground-breaking theory of the universe called The Black Hole Principle stating that black holes are not only creative but the same pattern is found at every level of the universe. Since publication, evidence for the theory has been uncovered vindicating many of its predictions. The latest findings of The Black Hole Principle not only provide further evidence for the theory but have major implications for how we understand weather phenomena such as hurricanes and Climate Change. Want to know why it rains diamonds on Saturn? Don’t miss this show!
photo credit Mike Nowill

This will be Manjir’s second guest appearance with Karen on The Truth is Funny.  Check out the previous show where she uses early 20th century discoveries in quantum physics to explain that all of consciousness is fundamental to matter + the baseline of all being. Learn how to use these scientific principles to liberate your own emotions + move forward in life.


Dr. Manjir- Samanta-Laughton is a former medical GP turned international speaker and author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove.  As an expert in the Science of Spirituality she has lectured around the world, been interviewed by various media including the BBC and the UK’s Channel 4 in addition to the host and producer of the TV show Hidden Science.  She is the creator of various online courses and hosts the monthly online meet-up, The Conscious Science Club.  The Punk Science Movie is currently in post production.


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