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You likely spend much of your life running from one thing to the next.  And if you’re a mom (like me!), you also have a never-ending “to do” list which includes shuttling kids from one activity to the next and juggling the multiple facets of family life all while TRYING to fit in a teensy bit of time to do the things you love.

It’s time to dedicate a few hours to YOU.

“My whole body, mind and spirit was in sync with each other. I hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time.” – A.C.


The Full Moon, Full Bloom gathering is your opportunity to slow down, take in the magnificent energies of the pending winter solstice while honoring the transformational energies available to us all within the apex of the Full Moon. Inspired by the power of group gatherings here at Limitless Living this event combines tension release for the body, chocolate meditation, group BodyTalk session and powerful fun with Flower Essences. An introspective heart-centered evening designed to uplift the soul and feed the expansive nature of your truth.


You’ll walk away from this event feeling … “Damn, I needed that. I feel so different…in the most amazing way”.

Full Moon, Full Bloom Event at KarenBetten.com

“Wow…the authentic vulnerability and incredible release experience tonight gave me chills just thinking about it.  So incredibly grateful for the love and energy given and received.”  -S.B. (age 17)


Register for only $38 before November 22, Regular rate $47


I felt myself expand, calm down, feel peace as I drove here after feeling very compacted and closed down for the past week or so.  Thank you for an expansive gentle and loving experience tonight.  An act of extreme kindness.”  – A.W.


What to EXPECT

We will gather at 6:30 pm with light refreshments at the Limitless Living Studio in Larchmont, New York. Evening festivities will end at 9:00 pm with time to connect and revel in the energy of the evening until 9:30 pm.

Be prepared for a divine evening filled with:

  • Flower elixirs, flower essences and flower readings
  • Tension release for neck to feet
  • Chocolate
  • Meditations
  • Storytelling
  • Authentic connection
  • Group energy session


“I feel comfortable, relaxed and energized.  Grateful and UPLIFTED!!  Thank you.”  – J.B.


Where in NEW YORK?

Limitless Living Studio located at the corner of Larchmont Ave & Boston Post Road in Larchmont, NY 10539. All attendees will be emailed exact directions.


“Warm, beautiful, radiant, balanced, connected, grateful, peaceful and inspired.” – A.R.


Who is this EVENT for?

Our event is open to everyone of all ages. And teenagers are most welcome. Experiencing this evening in a mother/daughter fashion is quite powerful for both you and your daughter to reconnect during a time when she is likely questioning or learning her own unique value and self-worth.

And anyone who wants to…


Dial Up Your Happiness and Harmony.
It’s true. The ripple effect of group meditation and gatherings has been shown to increase happiness and harmony in communities. Let’s activate joy and catalyze a community-wide ripple effect together!

Look at Your Life in a New Light.

Renew, Rejuvenate and Release YOUR Soul.


“I feel relaxed. I found myself inside my mind just taking minutes meditating and sharing. Yes, sharing is how I learned today that we can find the most deep part of ourselves.  –J.S.


What’s so special about the FULL MOON & what can I get out of this?

Who doesn’t love a full moon?!? I like to celebrate its beauty and energy. The energy of the moon builds and builds until it reaches its peak fullness. Mirroring this cycle, we will gather under the energies of this peak fullness to honor and expand an even deeper expression of who you really are…authentic, unique, abundant, radiant, complete. The authentic “you” that makes you you 🙂

The full moon energies help us to release and shed light on the the “stories” that keep us disconnected from our own radiance. You know, the stories like “I’m not good enough”, “I need to try harder”, “I should ___ ( insert any one of your “SHOULDS” here). Those stories (and we all have them!) diminish the truth of all that we are, right here, right now. The same stories that keep us looking to the external world for our value and worth. Many of us already recognize that our value and worth is cultivated within us. However, it’s difficult to remember this in our daily lives. Sounds familiar, right?Pink Flowers

Ritual acts give life more meaning. They remind us of the unseen web of life that connects us all. From the moment you walk in, this event will support you to remember and connect to YOU again in a fun new way!

Let’s REIGNITE your spark for a more radiant life!

Register for only $38 before August 29th, Regular rate $47



I feel light and tingly!  This full moon event was the perfect antidote for a personal rough patch. I’m feeling inspired.”  –R.M.

Helpful Advice: When Life Gets Tough/Whacko/Out of Control, Remember and Repeat these 3 Things:

You are a precious gift to this world.

You have gifts that the world needs you to share.

You are the best contribution this world could dream of.

I feel extremely light and happy.  Loved opening up and feeling accepted.  So excited to be opened up to new energies and possibilities.” – E.R. (age 17)

I feel like I have light shining through every part of me and that anything is possible.”  – A.R. 

“What a beautiful evening. Meeting these lovely women of all ages made me feel a sense of togetherness immediately. We all really benefited from recognizing our own innate power and bonding with each other at the same time. The rituals made me feel so joyful and in tune with everything. This night really was about setting intentions and feeling connected which I am so grateful for. ”  – S.G.