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Experience the future of movement.  Explore the mind-body connection to feel energized & healthy.

The spine is the masterpiece of design containing over 100 joints and associated muscles & ligments.  How then, is it possible that so many people suffer from debilitating pain associated with the neck & spine?  Complex design requires conscious maintenance.

Why do we have a spine in the first place?

Why is it shaped the way it is?

This workshop will explain the spinal evolution, design and function using imagery and simple movement.  A new embodied understanding of the neck and spine will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health.

How can imagery help how I move you ask?  You have 60,000 thoughts a day and many of those thoughts come in the form of images. How many of those thoughts & images are actually useful?   We will explore the power of the mind to change not only how you move, but how you approach your daily life.  Experience what many of us associate with the benefits of meditation & mindfulness….while you improve strength, flexibility, and co-ordination in your physical body .  

Whether you are an athlete, a yogi, trapped in an office all day or rehabilitating an injury…  you will learn to transform any activity (yoga, pilates, dancing, running swimming, walking, sitting, standing, studying, prepping for a performance or test, etc) into a way that feels better in your body and mind.

This work is the difference between knowing your body can change and actually changing it!! Join us and create an upward spiral of your health & movement.

Learn more details about the science, philosophy and expectations of a Franklin Method class HERE.

Connect to what elite athletes have known and applied for over a decade to get to the next level….what you are imaging and focusing on when you move drastically impacts how you move, not just in sports but in life in general.


“Reggie (the skeleton’s name, lol) is a great teacher ….and so are you! Thank you Karen for your knowledge, humor and humanity. Hours later my mind is more clear and calm, my heart (and its environs-ribcage, collar bones, scapula and arms) remain open”
– Perry Levinson, Licensed Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist, NY

Each workshop begins with a powerful series of scientific based mind/body imagery exercises to demonstrate how you can use your brain to improve your body’s function and your life experience. In this Dynamic Alignment for a Healthy, Strong, Flexible Neck and Back Workshop you will

  • Imagine, feel and explore the masterful design of your spine, learn how imagery can instantly benefit the spine
  • Combine the power of the mind & body to release tension, improve flexibility, improve performance, and guide optimal movement
  • Discover why the spine has curves and how to improve their function
  • Experience the psychological aspects of back pain and learn exercise that “lift the mood” of your back, whole body and consequently your state of mind
  • Improve focus, coordination, flexibility and strength of the body by combining mental and physical training
  • Learn exercises to strengthen the intervertebral discs, joints and muscles

“This was great! I had no idea what to expect and I feel fantastic after the 2-hour workshop. You don’t have to live with neck tension. There is a new way to release that we can do without massage.”


Open to everyone – all ages, sizes and fitness levels!

To register and lock in your savings, please visit:

sound MOVEMENT Gyrotonic & Pliates Studio website. Click on class schedule and online reservations and go to March 3rd to find the registration links. 



$38 before May 12th.  Full Rate:  50.00 PER PERSON.