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Explore the mind-body connection to feel energized and healthy…

You have the power to resolve injuries, to slow down the effects of aging on the body and to become better at any physical or mental activity. Whether you are an athlete, a yogi, or trapped in an office all day… through this method you will learn to transform any activity (yoga, pilates, dance running swimming, walking, sitting, standing) into a way that feels better in your body. We address the mind through the use of imagery and we address the body by teaching you how it is designed to function. In doing this you will cultivate mental clarity and focus, physical strength, balance, alignment, stability and freedom. You will discover a love of movement and embrace the profound beauty and perfection of the human body. Through movement, dynamic alignment, imagery and the use of props such as balls and thera-bands you will guide your body and mind to its most “feel good” efficient aligned tension free state. (description credited to Damian McCann┬á­čÖé


Imagery for a happy mind & healthy body that will improve how you move; in yoga, pilates, triathlete training, meditation, walking, running, performing, dance etc. Learn how to move to support longevity, ease and strength in the body.

Open to everyone – all ages, sizes and fitness levels!


$20.00 PER CLASS