Integrating Science and Energy Medicine to Address Chronic Disease

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How (and why) does a Ph.D. Molecular Biologist who worked on the Human Genome Project at Stanford transition her career and passion to become a prominent full-time BodyTalk System Mind-Body Medicine Instructor and Practitioner specializing in the immune system, the microbiome, and epigenetics to treat and address chronic disease?

Listen now to find out. Tune in to the very end of the program and experience a Group BodyTalk Session for an Immune System Boost.

This month’s episode features Dr. Laura Stuvé. Dr. Stuve spent 26 years in basic research in human molecular genetics before shifting her focus full-time to mind-body medicine.  In this podcast, Dr. Stuvé shares the astounding findings of the latest research on the microbiome, the immune system & epigenetics. She presents clear easy to understand ways to apply this information to enhance your life. She shares her case studies of how integrating the latest scientific research & BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine has been astoundingly successful in addressing modern diseases such as allergies, food intolerances, asthma, inflammation, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases.

We also learn the how the BodyTalk System can apply the latest research TODAY with clients, whereas allopathic medicine typically takes 20 years or more to alter standards of care to reflect current research findings.

Yes, that means most of the allopathic treatments you receive today were developed in response to research results from over 20 years ago!!  Whoa!! Learn more about Dr. Laura Stuvé or sign up for one of her classes at her website.

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