Our subconscious mind processes 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second.  Our conscious mind (or awareness) processes 40 environmental stimuli per second.  Pretty astounding numbers eh?  The parts of your brain responsible for your awareness cannot possibly process everything that is going on in any situation or it would implode. Thanks to modern electronics most of us have an intimate understanding of this experience of brain “overload”.  However, there is clearly some sort of filtering process that impacts what stimuli makes it to our conscious mind and what does not.

Ever been driving your car and “zoned out” for a bit?  Your conscious mind caught up in ruminating about a recent conflict while your subconscious mind was skillfully in the drivers seat and effortlessly navigating the controls.  Scary experience, but powerful for us to understand how the subconscious mind stores co-ordination patterns that support us to engage in complicated actions all without the help or even awareness of our conscious mind!!

Perhaps you have a goal in your life to make more time to slow down and take care of yourself more.  We are all aware of the heavily documented link between stress and physical health.  So you have tried joining a gym, walking daily, meditation classes, etc, but there just never seems to be enough time to do it to the level you would really like.  You find your awareness (conscious mind) is relentlessly focused on an endless array of essential “to do lists”, rarely allowing the time for your radiance to emanate with ease. It can often feel as if we are a victim of the “to do list”.  Ever joined in with others to bemoan the power of the bloody to do lists keeping you trapped?   I am suggesting, quite radically, that we can also choose to view this experience more aptly as an “inside job”, a product of the information exchange (or wiring as I like to call it) between your subconscious and conscious mind.  In other words, your information processing centers are filtering 20,000 stimuli per second and repeatedly feeding your awareness the “story or perception” that there is not enough time for you.  That almost sounds ridiculous, no…??  How could one possibly keep perceiving “not enough time” when you have 20,000 opportunities a second to perceive something different???

This is where our memories, emotions, experiences and accumulated beliefs, and expectations inherited from family, religion, cultures, and communities step into the picture.   Our subconscious mind observes both the surrounding world and the body’s internal awareness, reads environmental cues and immediately engages previously acquired (learned) behaviors all without the help, supervision or even awareness of the conscious mind ( Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief) .  Whoa!!  Much of the explanation of why 5 people can observe the same incident and recall 5 different interpretations of what happened.  Five different filtering channels for the stimuli processed during the event.  

So back to the YOU ARE ENOUGH….

Ever wish your loved ones could understand what you are or have been going through??  Ever wish you could feel more supported in your life? Ever have the thought that if your loved ones understood your life situation more you would be more supported to reduce the stress in your life? Imagine knowing on such a deep level your worth, your value, and your radiance, that your processing centers are able to filter those 20,000 stimuli happening in a second and conclude with ease that feeling supported, complete, whole, and enough is an inside job.  No outside person, achievement or environmental condition can create this experience and knowing on it’s own.  Only you can.  And when you find yourself in need of other’s (your family, your students, your boss, your husband/wife, your kids, etc) to “show up” in your life in a particular way you effortlessly open a set of tools that support YOU to remember this powerful truth and engage in feeding your soul, completing your own bucket, and connecting to all that you already are….and it is here that you experience radical change.  You become the change you desire to see in others and your world starts to show up different.  Ok, makes me want to break into song a bit here…”I’m starting with the man in the mirror”….:)

Re-wiring the powerful information processing centers that determine how we interpret our world can be done with rather ease utilizing quantum physics principles, mind/body medicine and deepening the capacity we have to attune to our body, mind and environment.  Check out all that we have to offer here at Limitless Living and  expand your capacity to engage life with curiosity, ease and excitement.  Franklin classes are invaluable for attuning you to your body and mind.  Limitless living BodyTalk sessions include an in depth exploration of the story behind your symptoms to unravel and resolve the many layers of chronic health issues, relationship, professional and spiritual growth challenges.  These are excellent for stress reduction as well as improving energy and focus.  The powerful Full Moon Series combines these modalities with a unified intention aligned with an auspicious time of the month….a powerful multidimensional approach to expand our innate capacity to create what we desire in all realms of life.  


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