Do you sometimes feel you are falling short of what you were meant to be, do or have in this life?

Do you sometimes feel there are just too many limits to creating what you want in your life?

Do you find yourself editing your dreams because “those things just don’t happen to me”?

Do you find yourself thinking, I know what I want “I just don’t know how to do it”?

Are you a course/book/expert seeking junkie thinking that you just need to “learn more” of what “they know” to create what you desire?

After asking myself these questions countless times in the last 23 years; seeking expert after expert, book after book, workshop after workshop I have come to wrap my head and heart around this truth:  The source of my life’s desires does not come from anything “out there”.  This is not to diminish the incredible value the “seeking” experiences have provided. Rather, I am daring to expose and question the insidious limitations of a fundamental paradigm that supports a large portion of humanity looking “outside” for the answers to their situations, conflicts and issues.  Consider this simply an invitation to acknowledge and expand the power you have to create the solutions for whatever it is you seek to change in your life.  

You might be thinking: ”Well of course I know this or I would not have the relationship I have, or the incredible career I have”.  In my experience many of us are experts at engaging our inner wisdom in certain areas of our life, but often find it hard to access this power in others.  For example, maybe you have an incredible marriage, but are having a hard time finding your purpose in life.  Or perhaps you have an incredibly successful career, but find yourself feeling empty and isolated in your relationships.  Maybe you have amazing relationships but your health is not where you would like it to be.

The age of information has provided a powerful platform to focus humanity on what is lacking in our lives,  offering us countless pills, diets, programs, courses and books on ways to fix our various issues. However, each of us is a unique expression of individual experiences, memories, history, emotions, cultural , religious & community beliefs and conditioning.  Therefore, the capacity to enact change in our lives (whether it be physical  mental, spiritual or emotional) would be most powerful when sourced from something that is uniquely attuned to our individual nature and experiences. 

How or where, you might ask, is one to find or harness this uniquely attuned capacity?  And, I dare answer that this can only be sourced from within you.  Developing a deep relationship with yourself and what makes you feel most the most inspired, alive and joyful will support you in accessing your innate potential to engage your fullest capacity to navigate your life and create what you desire.  

This innate source of power creates the change we desire only when it is fully aligned with the authentic expression of our truth.  We will reach pothole after pothole when we are aligning with another’s idea of how we should show up.   We will experience conflict after conflict when we are navigating our lives from the should, would, and could’s dictated by our conditioning, beliefs, community, culture, religion, friends, and/or family.  There were times I was absolutely certain I was doing what was uniquely aligned to my deepest dreams.  The ‘potholes’ persisted until I was ready to fully “see” how my dreams were being edited by rigid beliefs and conditioning that I was not always even aware of.  Mind you, I was the one doing the editing of what I allowed myself to think was possible in my life; not my parents, husband, kids, friends, boss, clients or dog for that matter (cause yes, I have a story of how my dog keeps me from doing what I really want on many a day, lol). It is an inside job and I was finally willing to open my eyes to it.

I began to play with daring to dream and gently noticing my own reactions to them.  I began to feel a bit like I was in my twenties again.  I put the books down, stared into my own soul and embraced the whisperings that were calling to me on the deepest level I had known at that point in my life.  Of note, this website is a product of one of those dreams:)).

When we are aligned with our authentic truth, life will feel like an effortless ebb and flow.  Conflicts and potholes arise, but by engaging our deepest wisdom, we unveil the new direction or path that is being beckoned from the experiences we have invited into our lives.  And yes, from this model every experience is to be viewed as a product of our creation.  This may bring up a lot of resistance as it did for me for quite some time.    I would understand the concept and then experience ‘confusion’ as my conditioned beliefs would rear their well patterned fears and become overwhelmed by the perceived burden of responsibility of being fully in the drivers seat for my life.  A model that is more commonly accepted in the modern approach to life is that we are victims not only of our experiences but also of our DNA.  At one time I felt more comfortable in that model.  This thankfully, has been proven incorrect by the amazing biologist Bruce Lipton and described at length in the Biology of Belief; “The new science, epigenetics, reveals that the vehicle or the genes—aren’t responsible for the breakdown. It’s the driver”.  This is not to say you have done anything wrong to attract your current experiences ( I hear you).  But rather you have the key to dissolving the role this belief (and a whole hose of  other beliefs that may be running in the background of your life) has over what you create in your life going forward.

Do not underestimate the power of aligning with a paradigm that expands your innate potential to create.  Directing your attention to what you want to create inherently dissolves the sabotaging story of “victimhood”.  There is nothing wrong with you, and there never has been.  There, I said it. The first time I heard that, I rejected it deeply.  I thought “If there is nothing wrong with me then why is…( fill in with an array of perceived things wrong in my life) happening to me?”  If you are having this response, just gently notice and breathe.  You are a unique human with an endless potential to CREATE and when you support yourself to remember this; oh my, will your life unfold in ways you never thought possible.

Any form of conflict ( health, relationship, finance, career, purpose etc) can be seen as merely a call from within to change direction and alter the course in your life.  We then turn the inner dialogue around conflict from  “What’s wrong with me? or What’s wrong with them? or Who is going to fix me?” to “What am I desiring to expand in my life?”  Get curious like a child.  Play with the idea, check deep within and see if you get a resounding yes.  Maybe a little part of you feels really alive after reading this….like these words are speaking a truth you have always known but was not sure how to engage.

Limitless living was created to do just this…. provide tools and opportunities to inspire the expansion of your individual innate wisdom to navigate and create the rich and vibrant life that you desire.  And then together provide a platform to celebrate and share the enormous creative expansion that follows.  Join us and lets get started, won’t you??


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