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You Are Enough Part I


I am Enough You are too.  I am on a journey to expand the role this core truth plays in my life.  It is an ever deepening and more powerful journey than I could ever have imagined.  I stopped dying my hair (it may

You Are Enough Part I2016-12-07T13:45:21-04:00

You are Enough, Part II


Our subconscious mind processes 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second.  Our conscious mind (or awareness) processes 40 environmental stimuli per second.  Pretty astounding numbers eh?  The parts of your brain responsible for your awareness cannot possibly process everything that is going on in any situation or

You are Enough, Part II2017-07-04T16:21:47-04:00

Life is Hard vs. Life is Beautiful


  Do you ever find yourself thinking “Life is Hard”? Do you ever find yourself thinking:  "This Spiritual Path, Career Path, Illness (or insert any experience that you struggle with) is Hard"? Do you ever find yourself thinking “Life is

Life is Hard vs. Life is Beautiful2017-07-04T16:21:48-04:00

Ready to Change Your Life?


I spent the better part of the first 20 years of my adult life searching for the reasons I was unable to manifest certain aspects of my life,  searching for the root causes of problems with my health, my relationships and my

Ready to Change Your Life?2017-07-04T16:21:48-04:00

Do distant sessions really work?


I recently received this question from a very brave and courageous client with reference to a distant session  and thought I would post my response below: I love questions.   The expression of our doubts/concerns brings to light the conflict

Do distant sessions really work?2017-07-04T16:21:48-04:00

Wisdom in our Emotions?? Wha????


This comes up for many of my clients (and myself). What if our emotions were a vehicle to our inner wisdom for us to open to and follow in life?  Allowing the "message" of our emotions to be revealed, particularly

Wisdom in our Emotions?? Wha????2017-07-04T16:21:48-04:00

Media and its impact on the wisdom of our body


I’d like to change the stories in the media that supports many of us to live in fear of illness and disease and bombard you a different paradigm: this paradigm sees the body as a fascinating masterpiece of wisdom with

Media and its impact on the wisdom of our body2017-07-04T16:21:48-04:00

The Bugs Are Not the Bad Guys


I had the privilege of being on the radio show The Truth is Funny with my colleague and peer Colette Stefan on February 4th.  We discussed the latest science supporting a new paradigm in the long held misconceptions about germs

The Bugs Are Not the Bad Guys2016-06-17T17:25:02-04:00
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