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Who I am Today


I have a voice inside my head that says I can’t do it I can see her She has the form of a small child She is being told she can’t do it She believes them Who I am today

Who I am Today2019-01-23T10:49:47-04:00

Happy New Year 2019


Happy New Year May 2019 bring each and everyone of you an even deeper connection to the truth of who and what you really are. You may view 2018 as a year of extreme challenge fraught with unending stress and

Happy New Year 20192019-01-03T17:54:21-04:00

Flower Alchemy as a Tool for Transformation


What's your "go to" tool when you are feeling stressed, agitated or "out of wack"? I have found the power of flower essences by the company Lotus Wei to be an unbelievable shift maker in my day.  Never would I have believed this to be

Flower Alchemy as a Tool for Transformation2018-07-06T22:50:57-04:00

The Transformative Power of Flowers


Have you ever noticed that you are intuitively drawn to some flowers more than others? This natural attraction can provide powerful insight about your life and what you desire to transform & experience. If this sounds strange consider how the most recent research has

The Transformative Power of Flowers2017-09-02T16:46:05-04:00

What is wrong with me????


What is wrong with me???? There is an insidious approach to illness/disease/injury/conflict that can have a radical yet unknowing impact on stress levels.  Stress, as we all know, is well documented to negatively impact  health and wellness.  I am speaking of the “What is wrong

What is wrong with me????2017-07-04T16:21:47-04:00

You are not stuck with the brain you were born with….


Contrary to what you may have been conditioned to believe by your big brother, you high school science teacher or you or your friend's SAT scores you are not stuck with the brain you were born with.  You may have undeniably inherited

You are not stuck with the brain you were born with….2017-07-04T16:21:47-04:00

The Concept of Letting Go


Have you ever found yourself "trying to let go" of something like anger and you just can't?  In our "go get 'em" world we often believe "trying harder" will bring whatever we are looking to experience to fruition.   However,

The Concept of Letting Go2017-07-04T16:21:47-04:00

You Are Enough Part I


I am Enough You are too.  I am on a journey to expand the role this core truth plays in my life.  It is an ever deepening and more powerful journey than I could ever have imagined.  I stopped dying my hair (it may

You Are Enough Part I2016-12-07T13:45:21-04:00

You are Enough, Part II


Our subconscious mind processes 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second.  Our conscious mind (or awareness) processes 40 environmental stimuli per second.  Pretty astounding numbers eh?  The parts of your brain responsible for your awareness cannot possibly process everything that is going on in any situation or

You are Enough, Part II2017-07-04T16:21:47-04:00
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