Happy New Year

May 2019 bring each and everyone of you an even deeper connection to the truth of who and what you really are. You may view 2018 as a year of extreme challenge fraught with unending stress and conflict, or maybe you see it as a year of tremendous growth and expansion, or perhaps you fall somewhere in between experiencing a myriad of sensations and feelings.

Whatever your perception of 2018, I wish this for you: to know even more deeply how your worth & value lies not in anything you do, but in the inherent expression of your existence. I like using the word “beingness” when referring to this inherent nature.

You are a gift.  You are a magical masterpiece of molecules & atoms finely tuned and orchestrated to function in miraculous ways.  

After 27 years in the health and wellness field I have come to a mind blowing deep awareness of this truth. And I desire to explore this ever growing potential with all who endeavor to partake in the Limitless Living community and together send out a ripple effect to the world at large.

The mere functioning of your body/mind is a true miracle.  And to counter any “roll of the eyes” that may arise with the mere mention of a miracle associated with your body/mind (full disclosure, that would fully be me on any given sh$tty day) ;  let’s revisit the definition of a miracle. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a miracle is an event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws.  If we as a society/medical field/science field had all the explanations, understandings and answers ..then there would surely be less suffering with dis-ease or at the very least, it would not be on the level that we currently experience, no??

As a caregiver of various roles and a patient myself I know too well how easily the miracle of our existence can be overlooked and forgotten. When our physical bodies are perceived to be failing us, or our relationships are unraveling in ways we never wanted or expected, or our finances are chronically depleted, or we are faced with severe physical or emotional trauma,etc this is often the last thing anyone can believe or even entertain.

You don’t have to buy in fully or even partially to the miracle of your existence to experience radical change.  I am an eternal skeptic at heart and my seeking and questioning nature has led me to unravel pretty much every foundational belief I held onto at the start of my career in my early 20s. Believe it or not, your operating system, which includes your nervous system, will begin to alter just by having an awareness of your resistance ( or perhaps repulsion) to the idea.

From my own experiences with disease, disappointment and so called failure, to my experiences with clients facing imminent death, new cancer diagnosis, financial ruin or even the end of a marriage; one truth that has been creeping up on me with ever deepening clarity is the often shocking awareness that radical change is irreverent to external physical conditions, processes and procedures, but rather actualized through a presence, awareness and openness that emanates from within.

This presence and awareness is more akin to a vibrational state than a particular belief or state of mind. More on this later. But suffice to say you can still be having the same thoughts, but different outcomes, when your vibrational state has changed. Oh and science can back this up; hello quantum physics and string theory!! Alterations in our state of being can happen from pathways outside of the traditionally used mental and thinking mind!!

So in 2019 Limitless Living is here to nudge, celebrate and encourage ever so gently your inner skeptic, your inner questioning nature and the inner explorer that wants to try new things and break out of the proverbial shell it may feel it has been quarantined to.  This part of you has incredible wisdom to share with you, lead you and open you too.  This part could be called your intuition, inner wisdom, inner knowing, insight, whatever you like.  The challenge with many of these labels is that most are immediately and unconsciously associated with negative associations such as illogical, nonsensical and unreliable.  Well, sadly or excitedly, just like any other new skill, it needs practice to experience it’s true power.  

This wisdom/ inner knowing/insight is your natural state. It is a part of your whole just like the part of you that is fearful or reticent or hopeless or sad. Since each of these aspects of you is a part of your wholeness, it is therefore worthy of your respect and honor.

So as we head into whatever 2019 holds for us, I first invite you to explore with curiosity all aspects/parts of you. Notice the part of you that wants a 6 step plan. Welcome it. It has served you when you needed it to. But maybe, just maybe, this is the year you explore in a different manner the aspect or part of you that embraces the power of the unknown. The often unrecognized magnetizing and expansive potential that exists within the depths of our “unknowingness”.

People naturally want to know; but how does it work? What is it that you do? I laugh, because I am always searching for that answer as well. It is my nature as I mentioned above. I have come to more deeply honor and heed the limitations of what we “think” we know. Intellectual knowingness, particularly rigid intellectual knowingness, can unconsciously keep us recreating the same story, experiences, and narratives in our lives.

Embracing and reclaiming the power of the unknown for both my clients and myself has proven time and time again to be a vast source of radical alignment for what we are seeking. If you look back on your life, you may see that much of what you truly love in your life happened in a way that logical thinking ( ie intellectual knowingness) cannot explain. At the very least we can make room for this to be a more viable option in our lives when we feel the call to explore it.

So at Limitless Living I share what I know with this amazingly vibrant community, but openly and consciously integrate it with a deep reverence for all that I do not know. I bow to the power that I have found to lie within this vast container of potential. Our offerings are designed to do just that; challenge you, open you and what you believe to be possible, and guide you in reclaiming the value and worth that lies within your mere “beingness”. It is here in my experience where radical change that is aligned with your true nature is brought into physical form.

And lastly I want to take this space to express my deep gratitude for each of you in this community. I am so grateful for the gifts you bring to this ever growing space. Our numbers are growing quite exponentially each week. I honor and appreciate each one of your emails and shares of how this work is expanding/changing/enriching your lives. I celebrate with you and for you even when I may lag responding in a timely manner. We are a living and growing organism committed to a truly heart centered model for our business framework and with that comes some growing pains, challenges and I would be remiss if I did not mention fears. Your openness, energy, feedback and light fuels the fire that ignites our collective expansion. I so look forward to expanding our reach and experiences in the coming year. I invite you to check out the various offerings on our events page for 2019.

However our paths may cross, I consciously set the intention for it to be in the form of the highest light for you, for me and for all of the universe!!

To Love, Light & Radical Expansion, Karen Betten

I would like to invite you to revisit the gentle reminder below. You might find after reading this post, you have a different experience than when you read it at the beginning:))

You are a gift.  You are a magical masterpiece of molecules & atoms finely tuned and orchestrated to function in miraculous ways.  Pause. Take a cleansing breathe in and out. Maybe even read it again while consciously breathing and receiving. Then take just one more moment to let that sink in even more deeply. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback below of your experience.  

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  1. Anne Marie January 6, 2019 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    This is so incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message so eloquently in a way that only you could.
    You are a gift. You are a masterpiece….

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