Contrary to what you may have been conditioned to believe by your big brother, you high school science teacher or you or your friend’s SAT scores you are not stuck with the brain you were born with.  You may have undeniably inherited certain genes, but what you do with your life changes your brain.
Neuroplasticity is the new hip scientific word that refers to the capacity of the brain to be altered (i.e. plastic) well into adulthood.  This is in direct contrast to the previous scientific consensus that stated otherwise.  So yes, your older brother was unfortunately backed by the scientific community back in the day.  As early as 1990 the scientific community believed that once a brain cell was dead it could not regenerate, and that the brain could only learn and change in childhood.  Once you hit adulthood …well you just had to live with what you had.  Thankfully we have moved beyond this limited understanding and can engage the garden of power that lies in this body of knowledge and possibility.
Spend a little time on google and you will find a wealth of information spewing the magical powers of neuroplasticity  to transform your life.  Using the metaphor of a computer, science has shown we can actually upgrade the software programming of our brain to increase it’s size, strengthen and functioning by engaging in such everyday activities as changing our thoughts and exercising with specify techniques.  The possibilities for improvement are endless.  We can become happier, better salespeople, better athletes, change the foods we like, and even get better at recovering from the illness/disease, relationships issues and other conflicts of this modern day world.
 There are multiple modalities one can utilize to expand the Art of Change in our lives.  I have found the Franklin Method and BodyTalk to be 2 very powerful approaches.  Erik Franklin states simply;  “We get better at what we practice” .  So if we are practicing mostly unhappy sensations and images, our brain actually becomes wired and more skilled at reproducing this experience.  We can easily change this wiring by creating images and sensations that we would like to experience.  For example, perhaps you are someone who experiences knee pain.  In a Franklin class the focus would not be on what is wrong with your knee.  Rather, we focus on creating and experiencing how the knee is designed to function using powerful imagery techniques combined with movements, props to enhance understanding, and thera-bands & balls to release tension and stimulate new patterns.  Students find this to drastically improve the experience of movement.   Thoughts such as ..”What’s wrong with me?”, “It hurts here.”, “When I do this, I get a pain here“, or even “My knee feels old and stiff” are recognized to have a drastic influence on movement experiences that are less than desirable.  Initiating movement with evidence based techniques changes the experience for even the most chronic conditions. This rewires the brain chemistry, and thus the functioning of the physical body and mind.
To be clear this is not just “mind over matter” that ignores pain and discomfort.   Rather, the Franklin Method practices building the awareness and connection to the body/mind so that we become highly attuned and skilled at creating change in the body/mind.  The techniques are evidence based and utilize the power of the brain to change.
Mental training combined with physical training is well documented in science to be far superior to physical training alone.  Elite athletes utilize mental training to improve performance.  These same powerful principles are not just for the elite athlete.  They can be applied to improve ANY physical or mental activity with powerful results.

You can bring ease and longevity not only in how you approach daily life, but also in how you do yoga, pilates, running, performance, dance, meditate etc.  You can have fun, laugh, move and expand the functioning of your brain and body.  I invite you to try out a Franklin class and start to rewire your brain chemistry and your physical body at the same time:)

  • engage life with more ease and longevity in the body and mind
  • enhance recovery from surgery or injury
  • improve performance in theatre, athletics
  • enhance the outlook and recovery from any illness or disease
  • improve your focus and retention for learning

Utilizing the brain in this capacity is much like riding a bike and can take some practice.  Students that have been taking Franklin classes for several months notice drastic differences in the capacity they have to create a powerful change in their life and movement.  Soooo you really do “get better at what you practice”. Join us won’t you??


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