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Franklin Method Classes Change Your Body & MindYou are a unique expression of individual experiences, memories, history, emotions, cultural , religious, community and familial beliefs and conditioning. Your physical body has a unique intelligence, an innate wisdom if you will.  The capacity to enact change in your life, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, is most powerful when sourced from factors that include and highlight these influences.

Limitless Living brings to your awareness the factors and influences that limit the potential of your individual nature, and innate wisdom. Utilizing powerful systems such as BodyTalk and Franklin Method you become finely tuned to the capacity you have to change your life and create even more than you can dream of in this moment.

Illness, career, purpose, relationship, spirituality, and finance are all most powerfully navigated from your inner knowing, authentic self, source self, innate wisdom, or whichever term resonates most deeply with the essence of you.  Learned behaviors, patterns, conditioned reactions and beliefs influence the level in which you engage your own powerful resources.  It is the gap between the essence of you and the conditioned reactions and behaviors that is the source of your creative power.

Your essential nature is to create. At Limitless Living we look at what you want to change in your life, but we also want to know what lights you up? What makes you feel alive?  What do you desire to create in your life?

We will deepen the vision/dream of navigating your life from a place where you feel so anchored to your truth and radiance that you recognize on the deepest level the greatest gift you can give your swirl, your family, your friends, your work, your children and yourself is the gift of your unapologetic truth and radiance.

This natural radiance (I’m not talking make up here, lol) stems from filling your own cup.  Nurturing and nourishing your essence with ease to dissolve the conditioned patterns of gauging your worth on feedback from the external world.  Gifting the world with your essential nature, your authentic self.

Sink deeply into the truth of all that you already are….and unfold a life filled with unexpected miracles and magic.  It’s not about being perfect ( I hear that little voice) but rather the exact opposite:  REAL. AUTHENTIC. UNIQUE. FULL OF LIFE

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Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than you have been conditioned to believe.

Simply Divine - A course on personal development, emotional intelligence and spirituality.

This course lays the foundation for understanding new concepts in quantum physics, string theory and cosmology and how these ideas can relate to personal development, emotional intelligence and spirituality. Although Simply Divine is aimed at Self Study and Personal Development, this is an excellent basis for further development as a practitioner or teacher training in an aligned field.

Mary Olson-Menzel
“Working with Karen Betten is truly “out of this world”. Karen is the perfect mixture of raw real life and a bit of magic. She has a way of cutting through the noise and getting to the core of whatever might be happening in your life (or in past generations!). She never fails to move me to tears. When I leave our session, I feel lighter and clearer and ready to face whatever life brings my way.
Mary Olson-Menzel, Executive Coach and Recruiter, President, MVP , Executive Search and Development
“In some way I feel less responsible for other peoples’ happiness. Now I’m more interested in tending to my own garden.”
Karen McQuaid
“Thank you, Karen ‹ the pain in my back is gone! When massages were not doing the trick, I knew it was something deeper ‹ some kind of blockage. Coming to you regularly through the years has given me that kind of insight. Not only am I feeling better, but I have a greater understanding of my body complex and its natural ability to heal. I am happy that my children and I have made a commitment to seeing you periodically through the years as part of maintaining our general wellness – it has been incredibly beneficial to us all.”
Jill Sarkozi
“Working with Karen continues to be one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, effective (and often hilarious) experiences of my life. Her ability to access root causes for present day issues beats any kind of therapy I’ve ever had. Her mastery over the various modalities she utilizes is truly impressive and I trust her work completely.”
Anne Whittaker
“It has been a joy to witness Karen’s evolvement as a person and as a healing guide. I have a high regard for Karen and the work she so brilliantly blesses the world with. She is a sublime visionary in the healing arts field. I admire her ability to wisely combine science, art, masterful intuition, and humor to gain life-changing knowledge about oneself. She infuses her craft with elegance, laser-like diagnosis, and humility. I am amazed at the doors she continues to open for me after our sessions. Without a doubt, they propel me into being the very best version of myself.”
“You helped me with a session. Now when I came this week…all the things we talked about are better. Now I pay more attention in school and don’t call out in class. I feel calmer. Now I listen better. Everything that used to be “bad”, now it’s better.”
B.O., age 11
“I thank you immensely for all of the work and support you gave to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You held my hand at perhaps the very lowest point of my entire life…and you helped me scrape the kuk from the corners of my soul. Please know that I think the world of you and think of you often.”
Jennifer Malherbe
A 41 year-old with intense level 10 painful cramping in lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and extreme fatigue requiring her to not leave the house for the first 3 days of her period since the onset of her menstrual cycle at age 13.  After 2 sessions with Karen writes:  “I cannot believe it, but all my symptoms are gone. I was able to function normal through my entire period this month. No cramping. NO nausea. No vomiting. Minimal fatigue. This is unbelievable.”
Anonymous, age 41
“After working for 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis…After searching through various medical options, I decided to take a decided alternative approach to treating my RA….changes in diet, exercise, supplements of vitamins….and then looking inward…My experience with Karen was profound and moving….She uncovered a trauma in my childhood after her assessment…and where she felt that energy was in my left hip….where my primary pain was situated, though she didn’t know it at the time.
Uncovering this long tucked away trauma and moving the energy around ultimately opened other doors to more inward journeys, which have helped me tremendously in my healing journey. Though my RA will never go away, I have found new ways to work WITH it rather than against it and I credit Karen for helping me in that journey.”
Susan Orand, Mamaroneck
“Around the age of six months, all three of my children (now ages 15, 12, and 10) were diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
Their symptoms and illnesses often varied in severity; ranging from a cough that required the use of the nebulizer, to periodic hospitalizations. My youngest son however, seemed to experience asthma related illnesses on a much more regular basis and with more severe symptoms than his older brother and sister. We regularly saw the pediatrician, allergist and pulmonologist to address his asthma. He was on a daily regiment of two different medications delivered by an inhaler in the highest dosage available. Even with daily prophylactic or “preventative” measures in place, he frequently required high doses of oral steroids as well as using the nebulizer. During one of his more serious flare ups, he was admitted to the ICU. I had started going for BodyTalk sessions with Karen for myself, after a nagging sprained ankle wouldn’t heal. After a couple of sessions with Karen I felt a difference physically as the pain and discomfort from the injury disappeared. Having experienced the benefits of BodyTalk sessions firsthand, I decided to bring James for sessions with Karen for his asthma and wheezing. Soon after his first session I noticed a difference in James’ health. The intervals of time between his illnesses started to lengthen and he was enjoying feeling healthy on a regular basis. There were times when I couldn’t physically bring James to Karen and I would ask her to do a “distant” or remote session. I had thought in the past that a session had to be given with the person present. However, whenever I would ask Karen for a session for James when he was sick, whether he was there with her physically or not, he would start to feel better soon after the remote or distant BodyTalk session was done. James no longer uses the nebulizer, two daily inhalers or oral steroids. The change in his health and overall well-being is astounding. While I don’t understand exactly how the BodyTalk system works (although I hope to learn), I know that James’ significant health improvement is a direct result of his BodyTalk sessions with Karen. I am beyond grateful.”
“Been wanting to share about my son since the last session-he has been like a different person…seldom outbursts and when he does have one, I go about my business (lol) and it passes quickly…god they’re so rare now as compared to the past daily occurrences (and sometimes 3x in a day!) He’s so much happier in general-lighter. And he’s losing weight…He’s much more natural…more himself…and more comfortable…laughing all the time…being silly…and so curious about everything. I love our time together and our conversations about everything and nothing :-). It’s awesome. It’s remarkable. It’s magical. And I Love it 😊💓 ”
“Thank you so much I really enjoyed our session and feel that I am able to focus so much better”
“I got referred to Karen via a friend giving me a body talk session. I immediately felt at ease working with her.
Karen is incredible attentive and sensitive to the subtleties going on in my body. She helped and guided me to understand what I need, in a very powerful way! When I had a visa interview at the US embassy I was able to use the tools (tapping out my cortices) I learned from her, to stay calm and centered. It felt so empowering to learn to understand my body and mind trough the body talk tools! Karen has a well of knowledge both in allopathic medicine but also in the more subtle and alternative healing methods. I would recommend anyone curious about themselves and open to explore to consult Karen to heal from the inside out.”
Lisa Akesson
“I feel great. Initially I continued to have neck pain probably exacerbated by the 3 hour drive to Somerset and 4 hour wake on Tues. Wed morning the pain was gone! Since then I’ve had some brief periods of neck pain immediately relieved by the exercises ( you gave me) . But the pain is centered on my neck now and a bit higher with no migration to my shoulder. Also, I’ve had no heartburn even given irregular eating over the past two days. So things are dramatically improved.”




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